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As we enter the second decade of the twenty-first century, we are increasingly looking to new ways to improve our profitability. As practicing engineers, we too are faced with this issue every day. With this in mind we formed basepoint.

After some considerable investigation, we came to the conclusion that this was an area where firms around the world could move into the twenty first century and outsource some of their cad work where it would be inefficient to do the work with local resources.

We had some experience with cad outsourcing services from other countries and to be honest we were less than impressed with the results. That’s why the goal of our company is to provide services equal to or better than what our clients are typically used to. We understand that with the exception of some large multi-national firms that are already used to using resources all over the world many companies are just starting to consider cad outsourcing. Cad outsourcing does not need to be a questionable practice where some guy overseas is handling your plans. Just like internet banking and online commerce have become the norm, we believe cad outsourcing will become more and more common for companies throughout the world.
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